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What We Do
Wallis Family Customs specializes in designing and producing Personalized Wood products & gifts.


A few months after getting married, we opened our shop to sell a few items that we made for our wedding (flower boxes, ring boxes, and a really cool beer caddy that Doug whipped up). As we made a few sales, we began getting requests to create new products (many customer inspired) and to personalize our we found a way! A very time consuming way! But, we made it work.After a move across the country, with uncertainty in our professional job search, our business began to grow, and we took a leap of faith! Fast forward almost 6 years later, Wallis Family Customs has traveled across 3 states and has evolved to be our full time job! We've made a few upgrades along the way, and continue to learn and grow because of your support! Thank you for shopping small, and for giving us the opportunity to create these custom items!

 Our Story

Meet the Team


Doug & Andrea Wallis 
(Owners & Operators)


Clara Wallis
(Motavational Consulant)


Chuco (AKA Dale) & Lucy

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